iOS 7 release date


I am eagerly waiting for iOS 7 release today and excited about my hands on it. It is officially and unofficially told that the new updated and much more interesting iOS version 7 is releasing today September 18 2013. Fingers crossed that it is true and releases for iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and new version of iPhone also.

Definitely there will be some group of people getting ready to make their funny jokes and comments on the version, but who cares until Apple continues to make better and interesting releases. I will also join the group once I feel that someone had overtaken Apples innovations, probably/hopefully Phoneblocks.

I can see more updates coming on for all the applications that I use with my iOS 6.1.3, with a message that the updates contains new UI for iOS 7. It is a good sign that iOS is going to be available shortly today. I guess some of them are already able to download it.