Spam mail reflecting my real situation/life

When I opened my work mail for the day, first mail I received was from some spammer with mail content as described below.


Hello foreigner,
How do you feel today? I wish that you have the most wonderful day of your life today.
I am Svetlana, an elegant and educated girl from Russia. I am a middle-class girl who works as a doctor in one of the pediatric hospitals of Moscow.
You may be surprised when I say that a Doctor is from middle class society. Yes doctors may not be that rich in Russia when compared to the US or Western Europe, but we live a decent life and you may say we belong to upper middle class.
Well I like to be straight-forward in life and so I want to tell you that I am in search of my life partner from among foreigners or westerners as I am deeply fascinated by foreign countries, their culture and languages.
I am in search of a decent and straight-forward gentleman who is fed up of life without a suitable life partner and is bored of solitude just like me then you should surely join this website where you can find me and thousands of like-minded women form Russia and Eastern Europe!!!

Why waste your time further? Click here and change your life forever!!!


It was shocking to see the reality in this mail and I wish this mail is real and I could join this so called dating site and find my better half or at least some good companion who is opposite sex! phew life of an individual freelancer sucks big time though enjoying all the benefits of this job!

The unfair match Asian Games boxing Lightweight (60 kg) Sarita Devi Laishram vs Ji Na Park (semifinal) 30 September, 2014

Controversy gripped the boxing competition in the 2014 Asian Games at Incheon on Tuesday after India’s Sarita Devi lost her lightweight semifinal bout against South Korea’s Jina Park. The Indian contingent was angry after the judges awarded the fight to Park, a bout that was clearly dominated by Sarita.

At first it seemed like Sarita pushing her blows on Na Park but not landing much compared to Park, but into the second round clearly Sarita was dominating and the Korean did had a chance. Sarita also dominated well in her 3rd and 4th rounds, in fact she did very well at 3rd round, but it all went in vain. tough luck for Sarita. Some of Sarita’s achivements listed below.

5 time Asian Championship Gold medalist, 2 time World Championship medalist, Arjuna Awardee
Manipur, India, DOB – 01 March 1985
Event – Light weight (60 kg)
World Rank 7

5th Asian Women Boxing Championship, Kazakistan-24th-30th May, 2010- Gold Medal
Silver medal, Commonwealth Games 2014. Glasgow
4th Indoor Asian Games, Hanoi, Vietnam-Nov.2009 – Silver
9th World police and Fire Games, British Columbia, Canada, August 2009 – Gold
AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships, Ningbo City, China 22nd to 29th Nov. 2008 – Bronze
WITCH Cup Women Boxing Tournament Hungary 2nd to 7th Sept. – Silver
ASBC 4th Asian Women Boxing Championship, Guwahati, India 23rd to 28th Sept. – Gold
4th World Women Boxing Championship, New Delhi 17th to 24th Nov. 2006 – Gold,
3rd World Women Boxing Championship, Russia 26th Sept. to 2nd October 2005 – Bronze
3rd Asian Women Boxing Championship, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 5th to 12th August 2005 – Gold
World Women Boxing Tournament, Norway 27t Apr to 2nd May 2005 – Silver
DSF 2004 Indian Amateur Boxing Competition, Dubai 10th to 11 Feb 2004 – Gold
2nd Asian Women Boxing Championship, Hisar, India 19th to 22 Nov. 2003 – Gold
Ahmet Coment International Boxing Championship, Turkey 15th to 22nd April 2003 – Bronze
1st Asian Women Boxing Championship, Bangkok, Thailand 25th to 29th August – Silver


Everything and anything you want to know about Malaysian Airline’s flight MH370

Everything and anything you want to know about Malaysian Airline’s flight MH370 can be found here This is the official press releases done by Malaysian Airlines, I have had enough with all the news media, releasing unprecedented news and making a fortune out of it.

Shocking coincidence with MH370 Boeing 777 and Paranjothi Siluvaimuthu’s Gravity Script!

I’ve my deepest condolences to all the Passengers who traveled MH370 Boeing 777. Below post is just a factious thoughts and not to harm any feelings of Families and members of the missing passengers.

When the Gravity movie was released, I heard the news that Paranjothi Siluvaimuthu (aka Paranjothi S) Tamil movie director is going to file complaint against the movie, because he believed that Gravity movie’s original script was adapted from his story synopsis. He has already shared this story with an Australian movie distributor/producer and also has registered the script with Writer’s Guild of West America. His story was basically about a boeing 777 missing out from the sky, because it just got out of the earth’s gravity and Scientist/Astronauts only have 12 hours to rescue it before their rescue could go in vain.

Shockingly I see a resemblance to this with the current crisis that is happening with Malaysian Airlines, missing MH370 a boeing 777 if I am not wrong. All the rescue measures have being done on the ground, over the ocean and satellites helping etc… I wonder what if Paranjothi Siluvaimuthu’s theory has come true? may be the Airplane could have been detected in the radar or some kind of surveillance equipment, but I doubt if they are looking up! I believe things are happening up when everything is curious down!

Indian police story!

This video shows the Inhumane act of Police in Delhi on Sunday evening (12-01-14).Expect some action

This video description says this is a video taken at Delhi on 2014-01-14, it might not be true to my knowledge but the incident captured clearly explains that it is a clear violence against civilian

Police in India assume they have all the rights to do what they think they can do, but that is not true and Human rights council only look after the deaths that were reported to be caused by Police, not other violences.

We cannot blame entirely on all the polices, there are few good ones but darkness overtake the good in this profession!

Most of the police were trained or get used to violence because most of the crime happening and criminals have a more shit load of violence in them, and so the Police were also turned to more violent people to handle this amount of shit, but then there are also people mentally disturbed Police just like the one showcased in the video, they somehow sneak into this profession and turns the respect of Police profession to gutter.

Where do they get such a thought to act so animal? In this video none of the Police men wanted to stop the battering of that innocent man, he may not be innocent, but looking at the video I can pity for him.

They must know that, they don’t have any rights to beat on any Men or Women, they can only arrest and produce them to court with reports of the crime!

If the Police minister thinks they are overworked and frustrated, then this is not a way they can reflect their frustration, there are other ways

Satya Nadella – Chief Executive Officer

FULL NAME: Satya Nadella
BIRTHPLACE: Hyderabad, India
BORN: 1967
HOBBIES: Cricket, poetry

It is like Indian girls winning Miss World or Universe competition, because India is a big market ;P nothing against Satya Nadella’s ability!

Members of the military return home to reunite with their families

This video touched my feeling for sure, but somebody explain the real cause of “Afghanistan” war, I am specific to this war because most or all of the war veterans showed in this video are from Afghan war if I am not wrong! I wonder and empathy the feelings of people in other end of the war too!

Frankly Speaking with Rahul Gandhi – Full Episode

During my childhood whenever I stumble upon a NEWS channel interviewing a Politician, I believed they were speaking/discussing something more sensible beyond my level of understanding, but after getting older and understanding that my life and existence is somehow disturbed or enhanced by these Politicians, I understand that they were just being ridiculous then and even now! 😦 I am pretty sure the opposition would be same as well. Really can’t understand the meaning of the word “Politician”, but I wanted to believe it is a tag for some wicked people just like how I wanted to remember when I am young!

Frankly Speaking with Rahul Gandhi – Full Episode

go here to read a funnier version of the interview’s transcript.

For the first time, Congress Vice President & Congress Poll Campaign Chief Rahul Gandhi opens up to an elaborate sit-down interview with TIMES NOW Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami. For the first time after his political debut in 2004, Rahul Gandhi takes direct questions on wide range of subjects on Frankly Speaking. In the biggest political interview of 2014, Arnab Goswami asks all the questions that India wanted answers from the Gandhi scion. Is he scared of a political face off against Modi? What is his view of the 1984 Sikh riots? Was he a reluctant politician? And, what are his views on multiple scams that UPA 2 was affected by.

Fairfax has acquired Black Berry for $4.7 Billion

Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited is a financial holding company based in Toronto, Ontario.

Fairfax has acquired Black Berry for $4.7 Billion, after Black Berry downsized (4500 employees) the human resource last week. It was reported that Black Berry loss as much as $995 million for the period.