PSY – DADDY(feat. CL of 2NE1) M/V


SUPER SLIDE – The Royal Flush in 4K

This is an amazing 4k video of people sliding a huge water slide and having fun! This sounds like a good Summer activity to enjoy.

Filmed and edited by AJ Aguirre and Ben Hamner


Dog helps carry in the groceries

Dogs are amazing companions, not just because they help their owners, but because of their emotions and sentiments that they shows towards their owners. I wish one day I can pet a dog and have as much as fun time with it.

Crazy Guy Runs Into Outback Tornado To Take Selfie

Since posting the shark vid I’ve been getting heaps of videos sent my way. I couldn’t pass this one. Check this guy out, what do you think?

GoPro: Man Fights Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour

Close Call with a Great White Shark in Sydney Harbour!
Filmed on a GoPro at Manly jump rock

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Akshat’s Got Talent!

Straight from “India’s Got Talent,” this talented young dancer had some moves to show Ellen you just won’t believe.

I loved this little guy Akshat’s performance, but it is a shame on who ever decided not to permit the songs for which he originally danced at India’s got talent show. A very big thanks to Ellen for show casing his talent on her show, so the whole world could see Akshat dance.

Akshat said “I have gone to India’s Got Talent only to show my talen to full… whole India that mottu can also dance!”, he is such an inspiration! You could see Akshat’s parent in the video at 03:05.

Shanghai Tower (650 meters)

Today we will show you how to climb on second tallest building in the world. Shanghai Tower, China.

Music: N’to – Trauma (Worakls Remix):

About climbing on english in my and Vadim livejournal’s: