Puli movie review

Watched the movie last weekend, I can point out all the problems with the movie being a cinema fan and Vijay as well. I have respect for Ajith, but not for most of his so called fans.

1. I felt like more important was given to Vijay’s screen presence and he was involved in most of the scenes were he is actually not needed.
2. In the first half most of the scenes portraying the support characters were loosely done or may be rushed off to get into the main subject of the story, which is a let down.
3. Unwanted scenes like the first night scenes and jokes were not well scripted, they are useless, I can only blame the director for not putting some work for these scenes, because these scenes are more important just like any other scene in the movie.
4. Again characters played by Vijayakumar, Vadivu karasi, Nanditha etc are wasted. Don’t know the reason behind this, was the movie length awfully long and these scenes are edited? or Director decided to show more of Vijay’s role? or did Vijay asked for more screen space? This is again a very big let down.
5. Songs are again a fail. Probably worked well in Telegu release, but I can speak for the Tamil fans, it is not appreciated.
6. Marudheera’s father’s role must have been played by someone else, Vijay doing the role with slight getup change is not at all appreciated. I felt like when is this episode going to end.
7. Vijay’s so called punch dialogues are worst for this movie, I was trying hard to find some reason to make it feel OK for me and my friend, but Vijay’s punch dialogues in the move suthama otava illa for this fantasy movie.
8. Editing in few places were so amateur stuff, not something expected from Sreekar Prasad.

Also two important notable positives in the movie.
1. Graphics done were pretty much acceptable (More than enough entertain kids).
2. Art work done for this movie is excellent.

I would rate it 2/5 for just the Graphics and Art. This project could have been handled properly.


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