Indian police story!

This video shows the Inhumane act of Police in Delhi on Sunday evening (12-01-14).Expect some action

This video description says this is a video taken at Delhi on 2014-01-14, it might not be true to my knowledge but the incident captured clearly explains that it is a clear violence against civilian

Police in India assume they have all the rights to do what they think they can do, but that is not true and Human rights council only look after the deaths that were reported to be caused by Police, not other violences.

We cannot blame entirely on all the polices, there are few good ones but darkness overtake the good in this profession!

Most of the police were trained or get used to violence because most of the crime happening and criminals have a more shit load of violence in them, and so the Police were also turned to more violent people to handle this amount of shit, but then there are also people mentally disturbed Police just like the one showcased in the video, they somehow sneak into this profession and turns the respect of Police profession to gutter.

Where do they get such a thought to act so animal? In this video none of the Police men wanted to stop the battering of that innocent man, he may not be innocent, but looking at the video I can pity for him.

They must know that, they don’t have any rights to beat on any Men or Women, they can only arrest and produce them to court with reports of the crime!

If the Police minister thinks they are overworked and frustrated, then this is not a way they can reflect their frustration, there are other ways


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