Gang rape in Mumbai, India

This is now a usual thing to happen around this part of the Globe. 5 men raped a 23 year old Photojournalist last week in Mumbai, India. This time these fellows messed up with a wrong girl, I saw five hand sketched photo of the suspects and wondered how exact would be that information and remembered that She is a photojournalist. Now I just heard the news that all of the five suspects were arrested and one of the suspect is trying to submit falsified documents to prove he is a minor and escape with no capital punishment. Also people are so frustrated and want to castrate the suspects if they are convicted, now these people should know that they are only trying to destroy the tools that were used by the wicked minds, it is the mind that has to be destroyed. If social activists say that capital punishment like hanging is against humans rights, then I have a solution for that. Lobotomy is a procedure that is done on human brain without any cost and a very raw procedure that was invented by António Egas Moniz, and prescribed for psychiatric person, note this procedure is banned for a long time. This can make the victim a living dead. So a very good solution to punish the cruelty is only by messing their mind.


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