Maryan (Immortal)


Heard a lot of positive reviews about the movie which was released 19th July 2013, finally got to see this movie last Sunday. Had an interesting feeling when I left the theater.
Credits to Bharath bala for direction, Marc Koninckx for cinematography, A.R.Rahman for music, Dhanush and Parvathy menon for splendid acting.

First half of the movie deals with beautiful love story between Maryan and Panimalar who live in one of the fisherman community in Tamil Nadu. Parvathy steals most of the screen in the first half, she make her character lovable and also believable. An anti character “Theekkurissi” wants to win Panimalar at any cost and he give Panimalar’s dad a choice to marry Panimalar to him and in return he will relive Panimala’s father from the debt that he owes to Theekkurissi. Maryan who has his soul and life attached to Sea and his fishing life is pushed to take up a job at Sudan to pay Panimalar’s father’s debt and save her from Theekkurissi, Maryan has been out for couple of years and he is coming back to live with Panimalar and here is the twist and turn that happens and Maryan is abducted by Sudan pirates/thieves/gangsters whatever you call it. This group demands money from Maryan’s company as a ransom, Second half of the story is about whether Maryan is reunited with Panimalar or he end his life struggling to escape. Maryan is driven by the love he had on Panimalar and the purpose of the life makes him strive to do the impossible
Appu kutti and Jegan plays supporting characters along with Dhanush and they did their job very well.

Movie also shows how South Indian fishermen lives were lost by Srilankan navy at the fishing border and suffering of their family, I felt Bharath bala didn’t go serious about it considering the political problem that he could face later.

Songs were well placed in the movie and it adds up the flavor for the movie, yet another treat from A.R.Rahman.

Now for the part where I felt some let down in the movie are:
The makeup for Panimalar’s father “Salim Kumar” and Maryan’s mother “Uma Riyaz Khan”, also the continuity in the make up for Dhanush through out the second half of the movie.
Kadal rasaa naan, song didn’t sync well with the expressions given by Dhanush, well this may be because the song was rerecorded couple of time to suit Dhanush’s appearance, but still something could have done there instead of letting it down for the audience.
Second half had few brilliant scenes like: During Maryan’s captivity when he was asked to call his company for money, he calls Panimalar instead of calling the company, this scene was more intense and made me laugh and feel pity. Another scene when Jegan tells he is hungry and Maryan starts to mono-act as if Panimalar is serving food and both having the feast and smoke after the meal. Still the second half seems to be little lengthy after Maryan’s escape from the captivity.

Definitely a 4/5 scorer and a must watch.


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